Custom, Non-Coiled Mechanical Keyboard Cables

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Custom, Non-Coiled Mechanical Keyboard Cables

Select your combination for a straight custom mechanical keyboard cable for your battlestation! This is the non-coiled version of our custom coiled mechanical keyboard cable.

The turn around times are roughly 5-7 business days, but we try to get them out quicker than that if possible. Please note that this is only an estimated turn around time and could be subject to delays. We work hard to ensure that we make the order specific to your customisation.

For shipping times, please see our shipping policy page for estimated delivery times.

Please note the power requirements of your device and the length of cable you may requireWe recommend keeping the cable as short as possible for mechanical keyboards that use high power (e.g CTRL/ALT/HHKBs/Others and those that use RGB).  Please see our FAQ for more information.



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