Click Clack Cables Updates

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for your support! We at Click Clack Cables are looking to continuously expand our options in the near future. We want to try our best to meet our customer’s needs, so we have a list of things that we plan to roll out.

Immediate future

  1. Micro USB and USB Mini-BĀ options added to custom cables listing
  2. Longer coil options, 9-inch and 12 inch options
  3. Aviator detachable custom cables


  • More expand colour options for paracord, techflex and heatshrink.
  • More options for cable/aviator order
  • Non-techflex options
  • TRRS cables

We also have more amazing things in store for everyone, but we want to finalise it before announcing it here. If there is anything you want to request or just want to keep updated, you can do so by following our instagram!

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